Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys

Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys

Revolutionary War Song

“Ballad of the Green Mountain Boys” is a classic “come all ye” style folk ballad in honor of the Green Mountain Boys, Vermont's homegrown revolutionary army during the War of Independence and other, more local struggles. This type of song is designed to be easy to sing, easy to memorize, and easy to get excited about. The Green Mountain Boys were commanded by Ethan Allen, who was a bit of a legend both in his own time and in his own mind. A hero to Vermonters, a terror to both New Yorkers and British soldiers, Allen led his Green Mountain boys in two wars- one to free Vermont from British rule, the other from the rule of New York.

The “Vermont Republic” was the short-lived result, an independent nation that existed for a few years before merging with the other colonies to form the United States of America. The Republic of Vermont has also been known as “the reluctant republic” because the Vermonters didn't really want a country of their own- they just wanted to be able to join the United States on their own terms rather than on terms dictated by their enemies in New York.


They eventually did achieve this aim, entering the new nation as a full-fledged state. But just like Texas- their opposite in virtually every other way- Vermont has never really forgotten that it was once an independent nation. If it was still independent today, perhaps this song would be its national anthem!